Senior Lounge Opens Following Winter Break

Students passing from Fitts into Townsend on the way to lunch may notice a change to their regular route: A room aside from the Senior Commons, which had previously been filled to the door with desks and chairs, is now cleared. In their place? Tables, a couch, an armchair. These are the makings of the Senior Lounge, a place for Warde’s upperclassmen to meet and socialize.


This work has been completed with the support of Mr. Cavanna, Mrs. Chagnon, and Warde’s Principal’s Counsel, a collective of seniors who provide feedback on school functions and discuss means of increasing student involvement and morale. The reestablishment of the room is in an attempt to provide a place for seniors to convene during free periods, lunch, or otherwise. 


As cold weather chases students back inside for their free periods and lunch shifts, the opening will prove to be beneficial. The additional seating serves not only to provide room for Seniors to congregate, but will also open up much-needed room for other students to eat or study in the Commons nearby.

Upon its opening, administrators ask that those who take advantage of the lounge treat it with respect and keep the space sanitary, so that its usage can persist in the times following their graduation. Hopefully, the Senior Lounge will come to be an area for Warde graduates to fondly look back upon and for underclassmen to look forward to.

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