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Warde has always had a commitment to clean energy. Our hydration station, our annual Earth Day celebration, the recycling bins in every classroom. Everyone who was at Warde last year knows of the solar panel project. The ceilings shook from the stomping boots, science teachers constantly mentioned them, sometimes there were even leaks.

But what does the installation of the panels really mean for us as a community?

It’s a common misconception that the solar panels power our school directly.

“The energy that they generate goes into the UI grid and reduces our electrical cost,” said Mr. Ebling. “It’s not like if we get a cloudy day, the lights will go off.”

With 2,200 panels on our roof, Warde has definitely become a leader in going green. According to the Solarcity company, a typical solar panel produces about 200 watts of energy. Now there’s 2,200 times that going into the community around us!

Other schools around Connecticut have begun to follow our example, too. Bridgeport began to install panels March of 2016 and Trumbull started the same project May of 2016. 

“It’s possible that they were following our example. Greenskies (the company in charge of our panels) has been doing many projects in Connecticut, but we were one of the first schools,” Eblin said. “Warde is always looking to find ways to support the environment, whether it’s reducing our paper consumption with our online presence or recycling.”

So what can we do to help?

Solar panels are great, but in the long run, it’s up to the individual to help the environment.  Simple answer? Recycle!! Mr. Ebling wants students to “help by recycling in the cafeteria, recycling anything you bring to school, and in the classrooms.”

Solar panels are the first step to Warde’s Green leadership, and hopefully, with our help, Warde can make a real difference.

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