Warde Student Abducted By Mickey Mouse

The Focus staff has just received word that the Music Department has returned from their trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida without one of their students.

This past month, the Warde Music Department took a trip to Disney, where they performed at three different concerts, did workshops with Disney Cast Members, and got to hang out at all four parks. For most, this experience was a magical one, full of traditional Disney spirit. The musicians who have returned from the trip recall taking pictures with Disney characters around the parks, getting Fastpasses to ride their favorite rollercoasters, having fun with their friends, and getting the incredible opportunity to perform at Disney Springs. Unfortunately, not everybody walked away from the trip with memories that would last a lifetime.

As the music directors Mrs. Connor, Mrs. Verney-Fink, and Mr. Marsland stated at the trip kick-off meeting, the group would not wait for any student that was running late. This point was emphasized throughout the experience, and it was made clear to the kids going that anyone who jeopardized the punctuality of the ensembles would be deserted. When asked to comment on this point in regards to the situation, Choir Director Mrs. Verney-Fink replied, “It’s unfortunate that the singer needed to be left behind since we are running low on male voices as it is, but what else could we do?”

After the Music Department returned from their trip, rumors about what happened to the student started to spread. In hopes of finding the real story, The Focus has been interviewing students who were on the trip.

The day started out in Animal Kingdom, where students were allowed to hang out at the park until they needed to board the bus to leave for their designated flights. The musicians dispersed, taking in their last day of Florida warmth before coming back to the cooler temperatures of Fairfield.

One student, a sophomore girl, believes that they lost the student on “Dinosaur”  at Animal Kingdom on the last day of the trip. In this ride, you travel back in time to the Cretaceous Period, right before dinosaurs become extinct. During the attraction, your vehicle is attempting to get back to present time before that happens. She believes that he was on the ride and got stuck in the Cretaceous Period.

Another tale is that he was last seen on Expedition Everest. On this ride, passengers are in a train that climbs up Mount Everest and encounters a yeti. This second student believes that the missing boy may have been taken by the creature while on it.

The last musician that was interviewed believes they saw the student taking a picture with Mickey and Minnie Mouse about an hour before their bus was scheduled to leave, suggesting the student was abducted by the famous rodent duo. This theory is currently being worked by Warde Security as it is the most credible, but the biggest problem is that the identity of the missing student, other than that they are a part of choir, has not been disclosed to the public.

As more information is gathered, The Focus will keep the students of Fairfield Warde High School up to date with the current situation.

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