Warde Hosts Annual Activity Fair

Last Friday, Warde held its annual Activity Fair, during which the school’s various clubs and organizations seized the chance to solicit new members. The courtyard was transformed into a hub for the entirety of Period 3. Club officers and returning members utilized expansive trifolds, speeches by microphone, and handouts to share enthusiasm for their respective engagements. Students were encouraged to take initiative and collect details regarding any potential future involvements. 

A total of twenty-six clubs were represented at the fair, each being assigned a section of the tables assembled along the courtyard’s walkways. Students who deigned to make rounds left with flyers, Google Classroom codes, and the dates for introductory club meetings to come. 

Warde’s club scene has kicked back into full gear following a relative stasis during the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteer work, linguistics, fishing – the wide variety of offerings available aim to prompt all students to step out of their comfort zones and into the school community. Hopefully, these clubs will open doors for them to foster communities of their own as a result. 

For students that missed the chance to explore Warde’s clubs in person, a list of the school’s running activities and each club’s advisors can be found at this link.


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