BLUR: Warde Student Boycotts Senior Shirt by Purchasing Senior Shirt

On September 27th, 2016, a movement started in Fairfield Warde. A movement for liberty. For creative freedom. For justice. For life. A Fairfield Warde student, whose name has been changed to “Maggie Sullivan of F12” for the sake of their anonymity, took to Facebook to voice their concerns with the design for the Class of 2017 senior shirt. “Maggie Sullivan of F12” called on all Fairfield Warde students to boycott the shirt, for the sake of freedom. And they responded. It was awe inspiring. Seldom do we, as human beings, have the privilege of witnessing the beginnings of a civil rights movement. The post quickly became the most popular in the history of the Class of 2017 Facebook group, with comments flying in both in defense and in opposition of the shirt. It wasn’t long before alternative designs and ideas were submitted. But ultimately, the fascists of the Class of 2017 group silenced the voices. In one final act of defiance, “Maggie Sullivan of F12” purchased the shirt and wore it on Spirit Day.

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