Music Teacher Surrounded By 27 Microphones Decides to Scream Opening Remarks at Audience Instead

The most recent school concert saw a familiar occurrence in the FWHS music department. While introducing the night’s musical selections, all of the music teachers were seemingly unaware of the total of 27 working microphones surrounding them.

Although all of our music teachers are well-versed in both breath control and diaphragm control, the microphones surrounding them were “on” and functional.

Mr. Marsland began his speech “THIS NEXT PIECE WAS WRITTEN BY AN ITALIAN COMPOSER WHO DEDICATED IT TO HIS DEAD DOG.” This loud announcement was then followed by a soft concerto.

FWHS sound engineer Noah Churyk says “this is such a common occurrence at this point. I’ve started programming the microphones to turn off right after I explain how to use them.”

“I honestly didn’t notice any microphones,” said Mr. Marsland. “Athough I did end up tripping on around 27 mic stands over the course of the night.”

Churyk is planning another meeting to review microphone functions with the music teachers, but is not optimistic that it will be a success.

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