Interview with Jack Davis, ’21 Valedictorian

Do you have any parting advice you would like to pass on to students?

It’s easy enough for me to say, but you should follow your own path and do what you want; take classes you want to take, as opposed to classes that fill some imaginary bullet on a college resume. There’s a lot of pressure to follow certain paths to end up in one place or another, but at the end of the day, you have control over what you get out of your experience at Warde, so take that control.


What is the most important thing you have learned from Warde? (Academic-wise, socially, however you want to take the question)

It’s really cliché, but that doesn’t make it untrue: on a related note to what I was saying earlier, Warde has really done an excellent job at teaching me to be myself, through no specific class or experience but rather high school as a whole. I used to do things based on how I thought people would respond, but over my time here, I’ve grown into doing things based on what I want to do (within reasonable and legal bounds), because regardless, some people will like it and some people won’t. Warde has allowed me more control over how I live my life, which is pretty cool.


What is the most rewarding class you have taken at Warde?

In a completely literal sense, the most rewarding class I’ve taken is Entrepreneurship, because I made $900 from it. AP Chem was brutal but rewarding, because I came out of it with a better work ethic than I’d ever had or dreamed of, and Multivariable Calculus was just awesome for too many reasons to list.


Is there something you learned from Warde that you will take with you to college? Beyond?

Like I said earlier, with whatever you do, you get out what you put in. It’s not a bad thing to not turn it up to 11 and just go nonstop, but at the same time, be conscious of how much you pile on your plate. 


Are there any aspects of your high school experience that you wish you had done differently, that could benefit current students?

I can’t think of anything general that isn’t specific to me, which probably means there’s nothing significant as an answer (except for all the things I definitely forgot).


How would you describe your four years at Warde, if possible, in one or a few sentences?

My four years at Warde have been a constant period of growth as a person and as a student, and a time wherein I more clearly defined who I am and what my values are.


Any last thoughts?

Daily chickens.

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