Jessica Richards

Next year, Warde will be piloting a new program where instead of physical classrooms for learning, all classes will be held via Google Classroom. This change was inspired by the success of the new Innovation Lab in upper Fitts, especially the video camera feature to help with group video chatting. […]

Google Classroom to Become Only Classrooms

A member of the Varsity Jazz Ensemble, National Business Honors Society, Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra, and Warde TV Senior Producer, you can catch Benjamin Grambs all over school in many different activities. Like many of the other seniors, he is worried about applying to college, but has an added twist: […]

Senior Feature: Benjamin Grambs

Only just over a month into the school year, Warde’s musical ensembles held the first concert of the year. At this event, students performed in the gym for their families, each group performing one piece that showcased the progress they had made thus far in the school year. “I think the […]

Warde Music Opening Concert

The new Netflix television show 13 Reasons Why is by no means a pleasant show to watch. After all, the plot revolves around a teenage girl committing suicide and leaving behind a series of cassette tapes that explain how a group of people and the series of events that they caused […]

13 Reasons Why: Why Not?

     “This year’s budget is the perfect storm,” said Thomas Flynn, a 12-year member of the Fairfield Board of Finance at the public hearing on the possible cuts to the education budget for the coming 2017-2018 school year. On Saturday morning, the town had its annual event where members […]

Budget Cuts Bring Concern

Fairfield Warde prides itself on living up to its well-known acronym: welcoming, academic, respectful, dynamic, and ethical. Among the five pillars that we balance in order to create a wonderful school community to be a part of, it is the dynamic days that many students look forward to. One of […]

Warde Day Gets New Theme

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to enjoy some sweet treats. Here are three simple recipes that almost anyone can enjoy and can be prepared in only a few minutes.   Chocolate Sponge Mug Cake Makes 1 serving and ingredients can be doubled for […]

Sweet Treats for Chocoholics