As Warde works to increase security at the school, some notable changes have been implementing new strategies such as limiting school entrances, encouraging students to not let people in through the side doors, and restricting lunch in the lobby. Even with this tremendous progress, the school board is still at […]

New Cafeteria Protocol

This upcoming year, block scheduling will take a new turn in having 24 classes in a single day, for 15 minute periods. The all new scheduling will begin next school year for the fall of 2019. Students will be met with a change of credit for graduation requirements as well. […]

Major Schedule Changes Ahead

The Focus staff has just received word that the Music Department has returned from their trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida without one of their students. This past month, the Warde Music Department took a trip to Disney, where they performed at three different concerts, did workshops with Disney […]

Warde Student Abducted By Mickey Mouse

Next year, Warde will be piloting a new program where instead of physical classrooms for learning, all classes will be held via Google Classroom. This change was inspired by the success of the new Innovation Lab in upper Fitts, especially the video camera feature to help with group video chatting. […]

Google Classroom to Become Only Classrooms

Since late November of 2018, the weather in Fairfield has been a series of extreme ups and downs. For the first time in a while, when Warde students say that it’s freezing outside, they’re actually telling the truth! It’s not often that someone can say they feel like they are […]

What’s With the Weather?

This past Friday, an unfortunate tragedy took place at Fairfield Warde High School. It is a scene far too many students are familiar with, and an issue few teachers fully understand. During his third period AP Literature class, beloved teacher Mr. Frattaroli was bested by YouTube Autoplay, a well-documented enemy […]

Yet Another Teacher Bested by YouTube Autoplay